Construction of the New Salem Harbor Station

Footprint Power started outreach in Salem with the community, political leadership, and environmental groups on the plans for the new power plant in April 2010, more than two years before Footprint Power purchased the old plant. Once it was clear that the plans for the new plant would work for the community stakeholders, Footprint Power began the process of negotiating the acquisition and securing the appropriate permits. The process of arranging for the interconnection rights and permits for the new units began in January 2012, even before the purchase of the site was finalized. That process took almost three years, with final permits issued in September 2014. Footprint Power closed on the financing for this massive project in January 2015 and immediately began construction.

The first step in construction was to lift the footprint of the new plant six feet and to establish firm foundations for the new units. This entailed shipping more than 225,000 tons of clean, structural fill material from Nova Scotia, driving more than 2,300 concrete piles down to bedrock, and pouring more than 22,000 cubic yards of concrete. The next step was to build the new 230-foot stack. The subsequent steps in the construction will be to install the heavy turbines and other equipment, to build the housing facilities that surround the units, to install all the necessary piping, electrical connections and controls, and then to apply the finishes and landscaping to achieve the final aesthetics.