Demolition of the Old Salem Harbor Station

Demolition of the old power station was conducted in two main phases. The first phase was intended to clear the site sufficiently to allow construction of the new power plant; it began in July 2014 and ran through December 2014. In that time, we demolished the oil tanks, the above-ground pipelines, the concrete settling basins (in which “bottom ash” was settled out from the water used to collect it), the coal conveyor and the “No. 5 Stack,” the second tallest stack on the site which contained the flues for Units 1, 2 and 3.

The second phase, which began in March 2015, consists of the demolition of the remaining structures on the site that were not intended for reuse, including the two remaining stacks, the boiler building and many of the remaining outbuildings. The demolition process on these structures is slower than on the rest of the site primarily because there are significant levels of asbestos that need to be abated prior to any demolition taking place. We expect it to be complete in December 2016.